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Wellcoaches Healthcare for coaches, clients & physicians

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Wellcoaches Healthcare and Wellcoaches Wellcoaches Healthcare, a subsidiary of Wellcoaches Corporation, is also led by CEO Margaret Moore, connecting her 20 years of experience building the health and wellness coaching industry with the tools needed by coaches, physicians and behavioral health specialists in primary care to integrate lifestyle medicine coaching.

The Wellcoaches Healthcare platform was uniquely designed by the Wellcoaches team and Geoff Moore, MD and Chief Medical Officer, to empower coaches and their clients or patients to tackle all essential drivers of health, particularly their engagement in lifestyle medicines while navigating their social determinants of health, as well as readily access community resources.This intuitive platform aims to support coaching, simplify tracking and expand connection and impact with patients.

Partnering with Diet ID to Expand Impact Additionally, Wellcoaches Healthcare has partnered with Diet ID to provide diet assessment and digital nutrition tools. A recent article in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition highlighted the effectiveness of the Diet ID software compared to the 24-Hour Recall method used by many practitioners. Together, Wellcoaches and Diet ID will enable the transition from sick care to health care, shifting the focus from treating symptoms to optimizing well-being.

For Coaches The Wellcoaches Healthcare platform will support coaches and medical practices to improve population health by:

  • guiding the integration of the coach and lifestyle medicine tools into the clinical team

  • creating awareness of social determinants of health

  • connecting to community resources

  • increasing revenue and profits for the medical practice

Learn more about Wellcoaches Healthcare from our March 2021 information session.

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