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Coach facilitated
Patient driven
Healthy behaviors


How do we support health and

We help you embed health and well-being coaching into medical care as a service line for the purpose of helping address SDOH and behavioral medicine. 

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So what?

Let's achieve the triple aim together:
Better outcomes, increased satisfaction and lowering the cost of activation and engagement in healthy behaviors.

Build a healthier medical practice.  


Experience financial growth, healthier patients, and a happier team.


Make your medical practice a house of well-being.

What's in it for you?

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Why Wellcoaches Healthcare?

Benefit from access to the largest coach network worldwide,
 evidence-based protocols, and 
software designed for coaching SDOH and health behaviors.


What do we deliver?

  1. A skilled coach who is prepared to be on your team

  2. Robust coaching software

  3. A complete business and billing model

  4. Population health analytics for SDOH and health behaviors



The Electronic Coaching Record provides an efficient way to summarize a session and allow my clients to reflect on it later.  As a health coach, nurse and personal trainer, I appreciate the ability to capture biometrics and assessments in one place. Having this system keeps me organized and supports me in consolidating my notes with laser focus, just as we are taught to do as coaches. The team also provides prompt and courteous technical support, which I appreciate.

Margaret Gall

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