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Bold advancement in nutrition assessments with Diet ID

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Health Coaches and healthcare providers know that diet is the most important indicator of health status,  but capturing and analyzing diet intake is often difficult, time consuming, and inaccurate. Diet ID’s Diet Assessment module will help you understand diet quality, nutrient gaps, and important changes to recommend, in as little as one minute. No specific dietetics training is necessary.

Effortless nutrition analysis and guidance in as little as 1 minute.

Diet-related disease affects the majority of Americans, but health coaches and providers often don't have the time and tools to address nutrition in a standard visit. With Wellcoaches Healthcare's bold advance in diet assessment, now you can gather critical dietary intake information with a frictionless, one minute, image-based assessment. Comprehensive results are generated in real time, and shared with providers to initiate a targeted, personalized discussion — no special dietetics training is required.

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